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彩虹派月配套 Rainbow Pack Subscription



Waiver of delivery fees

3-4 人小型庭或 5-6 人中型家庭

3-4 person small household or 5-6 person medium household
Medium household will receive more vegs and fruits and the kinds of produce remains the same

彩虹派 – 虹之七彩,世间百味



There is no better time to invest in strengthening your immune system like the present, with wholesome, natural food, as the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end.

Studies have also revealed that adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables is associated with building up a strong foundation for good health.

It is important to eat a colourful and wide variety of fruits and vegetables for the replenishment of different nutrients and phytonutrients, as suggested by its name the Rainbow Pack.

This bundle aims to help you and your family to gradually build up your immune system so that your body can be more effective to fight infections and aids to reduce the risk of  many lifestyle diseases.